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Plan for the ultimate family fun!
At Chuck E. Cheese, kids rule. Rule #1? Play more games and have the most fun EVER!

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Let Loose and Have FUn!

Kids need a place where they can be free to play games and have a great time. When you visit our family friendly restaurant, count on a full day of fun- for you and your kids. Kids Check® at our location puts safety first, to make sure that every party that comes together leaves together.

You can also feel good about your children having a blast with All You Can Play games, fresh pizza, and a variety of play areas. Wanna turn the fun up a notch? Challenge each other to an All You Can Play contest to see who can play the most games in a set amount of time!

Your little ones will be having so much fun at our kid-friendly restaurant and kids amusement that you’ll want to join in on the excitement. And we’re not going to stop you!

Non stop FUn & Games for Kids

What kid doesn’t love endless action and entertainment? Whether your little one wants to explore our kiddie rides or play amusement games and video games, our eat and play restaurant has attractions for kids of all ages that’ll keep them entertained for an entire afternoon.

For the ultimate gaming experience, our exclusive All You Can Play games gives you access to play as many games as you want, as many times as you want within a set amount of time. Then, all the tickets won can be redeemed for awesome toys and cool prizes your kids can pick out for themselves.

Each time you visit a Chuck E. Cheese play and amusement restaurant, you’re providing your family with a rewarding outing that creates unforgettable memories and learning opportunities—all from tons of fun.