Snacks for Toddlers : Best Toddler Snack Ideas

Once your toddler starts crawling and walking, parents you should know play time will get extremely hectic and busy! For busy toddlers on the go, it’s a lifesaver to keep lots of snacks on hand to ensure your child is always happy. Snacks can also be a good way to keep your lil’ one busy while you are in the car or trying to get things done. Of course, all snacks are not created equal. Here are some of the best snacks for toddlers, that will please them any time! 


Vegetable Snacks for Toddlers 

Getting kids to enjoy vegetables can be nearly impossible to do. However, vegetables are such a nutritious food, that it is good to mix a green once in a while. Some of the most palatable veggies to introduce are carrot sticks. They have a crunch, and dipping them in sauce is a good way to make it fun. Other ideas for more adventurous toddlers include cherry tomatoes or diced cucumbers. Veggies also pair well with hummus on the side.


Fruit for Toddlers

When it comes to fruit, there are so many good options! Introduce your toddlers to a wide variety of fresh fruits to figure out what they love. In the summer, mangoes are everyone’s favourite! Berries are a great fruit staple to keep in your fridge year round. Try incorporating guava, apple, grapes and litchi into snack time to see if your child has a favorite!

Additionally, if kids are having trouble eating fruit on their own, try dropping fruit into Greek yogurt or blending the fruit up in a healthy smoothie or a fun milkshake. Your kids won't even realize they are eating a healthy snack!


Toddler Bedtime Snacks

For those toddlers who crave food before bed, try offering a small snack of biscuits and milk, yoghurt or peanuts and other dry fruits. Avoid foods that will keep them energized or that are sugar heavy!


Best Cheese for Toddlers

Cheese is another tasty treat for kids that don’t have any dairy allergies. Some of the bestedda types of cheese for toddlers include mozzarella and cheddar. Look for pre-packaged cheese sticks or cheese based snacks that you can easily pack in a lunch bag or put in a diaper bag for an on-the-go snack.


Tips for Taking Toddler Snacks on the Go

The thought of taking snacks on the go might make you think about crumbs and messy cars, but it is possible to provide snacks on the go that won't leave behind a disaster. The key being dry snacks. Make sure that the snacks you are packing are easy to clean up and fairly spill proof. For example, dry fruits, peanuts or makhana are perfect car snacks for kids. It's easy to eat, comes with simple packaging and keeps them happy!