How To Keep Your Kids Engaged when When Schools Out

There are a few words kids love hearing more than anything: SCHOOL’S OVER! Parents, this means you have to figure out and plan things for them to do! And, we know it can be time-consuming. When creating this list, the most key part is eliminating as many “I’m bored” moments as possible and scaling back on the usual routine of sleeping in, watching TV or playing with electronics.

Planning engaging activities for your kids can be boring and difficult! That's why we've compiled a list of things they'll love doing during their vacations!

1. Visit a Local Park

Going outside is a great way to keep the kids active and social! There are many parks and gardens in India and most have swings, slides and monkey bars to help burn some of their high energy. If nothing, they will run around in joy and even meet new friends to plan future activities with! It’s a great way of staying out in the sun and it's simple! 


2. Trip to a Museum

Museums are a great way for kids to enjoy and learn new things! Filled with interesting exhibits and artefacts, they are fun and educational! They can spend hours exploring all the fascinating elements the facility offers. Plan your day ahead of time by researching the nearest museum, their amenities, cost and hours of operation. Take their friends too, and make it a group outing!


3. Go to Chuck E. Cheese

Our store is the ideal place for a day of fun! When your kid is off school, this is where you can bring them! Enjoy pizza and ice cream, play some games and rock with the gang! Share some laughs, make some memories and expect a world of fun during your next visit. Trust us, they will love us and love you!


4. Cooking

Kids love food and they even love to cook! Whether it's baking a cake or helping make pasta for dinner, they want to be involved, even if it's Head of Tasting! Make their experience even more special by allowing them to select what to cook or choosing one of their favorite dishes. Kid-friendly meals like mac & cheese, pizza or even the classic vada pav could work for them. Give their own chef’s hat and apron and watch the fun unfold! Taking them grocery shopping could be part of this too!


5. Take a Day Trip

Taking a day trip is a nice way to get the kids out of the house, get some fresh air and enjoy new scenery! Choose a simple location that isn’t too far and is kid-friendly! A local lake, nearby town or visit to a relative’s house are all great options for a day trip. Play some music or games for a more entertaining car ride and don’t forget to pack lunch when you find a good picnic spot! Take a camera too and document all the fun and smiles!


6. Stop by the Bookstore

There are several benefits of taking your child to a bookstore. One of the most valuable things about book stores is the access to books, movies and other fun tidbits! Let your kid roam around and find a book of their choice and let them start a healthy reading habit! Reading helps children enhance their communication skills, expand their imagination, keeps them away from screens and develop a new hobby!

There are a million other things you can do to keep your kiddos busy for hours, these are just a few.  No matter what activity you decide, remember, the most important thing is that they enjoy their time off from school and stay happy!