Best Pets for Kids

Best Furry Pets for Kids:

Dog - Dogs are man's best friend and can be the ideal one for your toddler too! They are loyal, sweet animals who make great companions and friends. There are myriad breeds of dogs, so you have endless options on which kind to adopt depending on what kind of maintenance and personality you want! Some things to consider when picking your dog include how much time you have to exercise a dog, how frequently/ infrequently you want to get your dog groomed, and how well they interact with kids, especially if this is going to be a family pet.


Cat- A feline companion is awesome! He is sure to fill your life with kitty snuggles and purrs, even on the worst of days. Similar to dogs, cats are a great pet if you are looking for something affectionate and loving, but with a lower level of maintenance (no walking!) Do your research, as some breeds of cats shed more than others.

Best Rodents for Kids:

  • Hamster- If your kids are in search of a smaller furry friend, consider a hamster! They are clean and are easy to care for, really! Some of the main cons of a hamster as a pet are that they are more prone to biting. They don't have very good eyesight and often react if they feel threatened. Hamsters are also nocturnal, which means you can expect to hear these little guys running around and playing while most humans are sleeping. 
  • Mouse- Maybe we are biased, but we think mice are awesome! For one, they do not shed so they make great pets for those with allergies. They also take up very little room, are chill around in their own space! It's important if you get a mouse to bond with it early on, as they are quite skittish animals and are sensitive to being held. 

What is the easiest pet to take care of?

A small fish such as a goldfish is one of the most low maintenance pets you can have. All you have to do is remember to feed them daily and clean out their water each week, making it a great pet for young children learning about responsibility!